Hi, my name is Zoe! And if you have a medical emergency, I am the one who’s going to help you!

Bella’s Broken Leg (Preschool to Grade 1)
Bella’s Broken Leg (Grades 1-5)

You might think it a little weird that a fox is learning to be an EMT on an ambulance, but my mom was hurt when a boy hit her with a bike. The EMTs came to help him and ended up taking care of my mom. They even let us stay at 911 Headquarters where I started learning about emergency medical services!

I’m writing down my stories for you, so you can see what awesome things EMTs can do and how cool the ambulances are! I went on my first call in the book Bella’s Broken Leg. I learned a few important lessons, and I got to help a great girl named Bella.

And if your EMT station or school wants to have a tour, check out ZoetotheRescue.com for more information

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