What I’m Not Thankful For

ThanksgivingMy Grandpa told me that it is best to be pessimistic because you are either right or pleasantly surprised. With Thanksgiving approaching, I have decided to follow his advice and take a different approach to the season by trying to list all the things that I am not thankful for. After contemplating this for several days, I came across an incredible discovery.

I can’t think of one thing in my life that I am not thankful for. 

My sleepless nights mean that I have a healthy girl in my house. Pain and sickness mean that I am still alive and kicking. An empty bank account means that there is food on the shelves. Early mornings with my husband rushing off to work means that he has a job.

Now this is not to say that I don’t have wishes. I wish that my friends could quit struggling with cancer and other serious diseases. I wish that my dear friend and my cousin hadn’t been called home long before we were ready to say goodbye. Of course, I wish for more money, a bigger house, and less fat around my waist just like everybody does.

But in this season, I am constantly reminded that in every hardship and in every sorrow God is in control. While I may not understand why my friends were called to heaven earlier than what I feel they should have, God is putting his plan into action. I don’t know why there is suffering and pain in this world, but I know the One who loves us more than we can ever fathom.

Many of us are familiar with the song called Blessings by Laura Story. If you’re not familiar with the song, I encourage you to click this link and take a moment to listen to it.

But what I find more interesting is this short video where Laura Story talks about how the song was written.

Did you catch what she said?

“Could God actually be blessing us by not giving us what we’re praying for? There is a blessed-ness through waiting for the Lord. There’s a reliance on His word that we only know when everything else in life fades away.”

Every hardship, every loss, every sorrow, has the potential to lead us closer to God. It can show us who God is, it can bring us a deeper realization of his love, or perhaps it can give us his ultimate comfort and peace.

Is what you are dealing with today worth it if it brings you to a deeper understanding and love for God? And if so, can we be thankful for the trials in life if it leads us closer to God?

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