Torment a Grammar Nerd #1: Aw vs. Awe

Often, just being on Facebook is torment for a grammar nerd, but we can easily heap burning coals of agony on their heads by changing aw to awe.

Isn’t English amazing that one small letter – e – can completely irritate a person? Let me show you.

Picture this scenario. You’re scanning the newsfeed on Facebook, reading what your friends have posted about their life and current news articles. Then *blam.* Right in the middle of nowhere, someone has shared a video of two kittens playing, or a baby dancing, or something that is just amazingly cute.

You love it, so you comment, “Aw.”

To get all the grammar nerds on Facebook frustrated, take the time to add the simple letter -e – to it, and make it say, “Awe.”

Use Awe instead of AwThen sit back and watch the reaction.

See, grammar nerds know that “Aw” is the sound we make when we see something darling.

Contessa - My dearest of friends for many years
Aw, look at that beautiful horse!

“Aw, look at that little puppy!”

“Aw, isn’t that toddler dressed like a princess precious?”

(Did Gollum ever say “Aw” when calling the ring precious? I can’t remember. I’ll watch all nine hours of the movies as research and let you know. Aren’t I nice like that? Okay, enough of this rabbit trail. Back to grammar nerds.)

Grammar nerds also know that awe is the root words of awesome. What do I mean by that? Awe is a verb that means a variety of things, but we use it when we are mixed with fear and wonder.

“I was awed by the beauty of the lightning that streaked across the sky.”

“Awesome” comes from this word.  (Note: Having tacos for dinner is not awesome. Watching a volcano erupt from a distance is.)

So, when you write awe, instead of the sound aw, you are saying this video leaves me filled with fear and wonder. It is not an expression of how cute something is. This is torment your grammar nerds to no end.

Stay tuned for more useful tips in driving grammar nerds crazy!

Have a question about how to torment your grammar nerd?

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