The Ultimate List of Fantasy Books for Christian Teens and Adults (and those who wish they were)

You blazed through The Chronicles of Narnia, Redwall, and the Ranger’s Apprentice. Now what? While your favorite books will probably stay your favorites for all your life, fasten your seat belts because there are great fantasy books for Christian teens ahead!

If your teen devours every fantasy novel you can find, or if you are looking for a book that will give you an escape for this world, here’s your list! May it act as a map to guide you through new dangers, passed hungry trolls, and over the mountains to a safe haven.

Check out this information first!

  • I’ve included some of my “to read” list. If I haven’t read a book, I put a star at the end of the author’s name.
  • These links are affiliate links. (That helps pay for web site costs.)
  • Not all books from all authors are listed. If you like an author, check out the rest of his/her books.
  • While the books are organized by age groups, don’t hesitate to read up or down a level.
  • Not all books are written by Christian authors. If there is something objectionable that I know about, I note them at the bottom of their section.
  • The PDF comes with a handy box in front of each box for you to check off when you have finished reading it.
  • There are currently 66 books on this list! But it’s not finished! I will continue to add books as more fantasy novels come to my attention. To get updates, sign up for my newsletter here.
  • There is another list for grade school kids and tweens called The Ultimate Fantasy Book List for Christian Kids (and those who wish they were). Check that out to grow up more kids that love fantasy.

Now gird thyself in armor! Take up your sword, your arrows. Prepare to ride your dragon or slay it (whatever may be your adventure). Brave the mountains with their hazards of snow and treacherous caves that lead to goblins. Prepare to ride into battle with no hope of surviving.

(Or I should say… Enough talk. Now it’s time to read.)

Fantasy Books for Christian Teens (Currently 48 Books)

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien

  1. The Hobbit
  2. The Fellowship of the Ring
  3. The Two Towers
  4. The Return of the King

The Lost Books by Ted Dekker*

  1. Chosen
  2. Infidel
  3. Renegade
  4. Chaos
  5. Lunatic
  6. Elyon

Kingdom Book Series by Chuck Black*

  1. Kingdom’s Dawn
  2. Kingdom’s Hope
  3. Kingdom’s Edge
  4. Kingdom’s Call
  5. Kingdom’s Quest
  6. Kingdom’s Reign

The Knights of Arrethtrae by Chuck Black*

  1. Sir Kendrick and the Castle of Bel Lione
  2. Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court
  3. Sir Dalton and the Shadow Heart
  4. Lady Carliss and the Water of Moorue
  5. Sir Quinlan and the Sword of Valor
  6. Sir Rowan and the Camerian Conquest

Legends of the Guardian-King by Karen Hancock

  1. The Light of Eidon
  2. The Shadow Within
  3. Shadow Over Kiriath
  4. Return of the Guardian-King

Books of the Infinite by R.J. Larson*

  1. Prophet
  2. Judge
  3. King

Seventh World Trilogy by Rachel Starr Thomson*

  1. Worlds Unseen
  2. Burning Light
  3. Coming Day

Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl*

  1. Heartless
  2. Veiled Rose
  3. Moonblood
  4. Starflower
  5. Dragonwitch
  6. Shadow Hand
  7. Fallen Star

The Kinsman Chronicles by Jill Williamson

  1. King’s Folly
  2. King’s Blood

Wren by Rachel Rossano

Hind’s Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard

Arena by Karen Hancock

Notes: Eragon: Inheritance Cycle has some eastern religion weaved into the sec

ond book as well as violence in all the books. I included Hind’s Feet on High Places, even though it’s not necessary a fantasy, because it’s an amazing book. Also, Arena falls more under science fiction, but you’ll love it.

Fantasy Books for Adults (Currently 20 Books)

The Staff and the Sword by Patrick W. Carr*

  1. A Cast of Stones
  2. The Hero’s Lot
  3. A Draw of Kings

The Books of Allelon by Elaine H. Baldwin

  1. If One Falls
  2. Where Darkness Lies

Follower of the Word by Morgan L. Busse*

  1. Daughter of Light
  2. Son of Truth
  3. Heir of Hope

The Theodoric Saga by Rachel Rossano*

  1. The Crown of Anavrea
  2. The King of Anavrea
  3. The Reward of Anavrea

The Song of Albion Trilogy by Stephen Lawhead*

  1. The Paradise War
  2. The Silver Hand
  3. The Endless Knot

The Circle Series by Ted Dekker

  1. Black
  2. Red
  3. White

Again, the Dragonriders of Pern series isn’t purely fantasy, but it’s a series I have enjoyed. There are some adult scenes in it, so prepared to skip that part. If you like them, there are 21 of them in the whole series.

Click here to down the PDF list of The Ultimate Fantasy List for Christian Teens and Adults.

And don’t forget to check out The Ultimate Fantasy Book List for Christian Kids (and those who still think they are)!

What books did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

The Ultimate Fantasy Book List for Teens and Adults

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  1. I’m so grateful for your lists! I love Christian fantasy. It had a very significant role in my early walk with the Lord. I’m about to send off my first proposal for an allegorical trilogy dealing with the rapture, but I can’t find a good market analysis example of any other Christian writer’s work that covers it–plenty of great dystopian battles against evil–but no “harpazo,” caught-up experience (other than “Left Behind”). Do you know of one, especially in the YA category?

  2. The Starlight Chronicles by C.S. Johnson are amazing! They are listed as Christian high fantasy and the books are clean. There are 7 Books plus 5 mini book episodes inbetween books and a Prequel that’s meant to be read last. I finished them all in a week because I couldn’t put them down. I highly reccomend.

  3. Deborah Borne says:

    I would add: The Tower of Geburah by John White, The Singer by Calvin Miller, CS Lewis’ space trilogy

  4. Have you ever heard of Brandon Mull, and if so, how do you feel about him? He is not Christian, but actually Mormom, but his books are all clean, and some of his most recent had some great themes about forgiving others and also yourself.

    1. I have heard of Brandon Mull, but I haven’t read any of his books yet. I’ll check him out! Thanks!

  5. Hi Vicki. Great list. I love Lawhead and Ted Dekker and of course some good ole Tolkien. I would love for you to take a look at my Christian Fantasy series. I know you are probably incredibly busy. But I’ve included my Amazon page rather than my website in the website section. Thank you – Chris Patterson

  6. Frances Sumner says:

    What about Priscilla Shirer’s series The Prince Warriors? I have them.
    I’m looking for a Christian series for middle graders for memorial books for my church library. Ted Dekker’s DREAM TRAVELERS’ QUEST was suggested; but after reading your description of the books, I don’t think they are appropriate.

    1. I am currently reading The Prince Warriors series! I’ll update the post when I do. Do you have the Wingfeather series?

  7. Honestly, i prefer Stephen Lawhead’s Dragon King Trilogy over The Song of Albion trilogy even though Dragon King is more “teen” and Albion more “adult”; however, almost all of his stuff is amazing. He is also an expert in medieval folklore and has at least one degree in it from (I believe) Oxford. His Arthurian Legend books (The Pendragon Cycle), and Robin Hood series are not only great reads, but rooted in as close to real as possible due to the author’s expertise in the field. Honestly, I think in high school English classes they should focus on his Arthurian books as opposed to Mary Stewart’s (still amazing books, but Lawhead’s are better).

  8. Faith Hall says:

    My boys 13 and 15 started reading the Inheritance Cycle. My oldest starting saying negative things about God and how He doesn’t really care for people. I questioned the book series. Looked at many reviews and read critical points of the story. I was horrified by the violence and the anti-Christian message.

    1. Oh, I’ll have to read them again. It’s been a long time. Thanks for this. I know the first one isn’t quite as bad as the others.

  9. I have just about driven myself crazy looking for a Christian fantasy young adult (YA) novel I read back in the late 80s/early 90s. It was called something like “Star…Bright!” Or “Star… Light!” – something like that. It had a young girl being visited in her room by an angel, I think Gabriel, but she didn’t know that’s who/what it was at the time. The angel pretended to put a spell on her to make her beautiful and popular, but then, the lesson was that he did nothing, and it came from within her the whole time just through confidence/faith.

    Does ANYONE have any earthly clue who/what this book was? I remember it so vividly, it was a paperback book with a blue cover.

    Thanks all, very much!

    1. I’m going to ask this on Facebook and see if anyone remembers what it was called! Thanks!

  10. Megan Foster says:

    I’ve always felt that there’s not enough good fantasy with a Christian background aimed at adults, so thanks for this list.
    I don’t know if the series I’ve written to help increase what’s on offer counts as a must-read that could make it onto the list but you can find the first two at https://www.goodreads.com/author/list/17072904.M_C_Foster

    1. Oh, thanks for this link!!! I am always looking for more Christian fantasy for adults to add. I put them on my Goodreads list and will read them soon. (I update the lists every so often.) Thanks again!

  11. There’s also Jill Williamson, the author of the “Blood of Kings” trilogy, who is recently writing a new series for teens/adults. The series is called “The Kinsman Chronicles”. If you read “Blood of Kings”, “The Kinsman Chronicles” are sort of like a prequel. I have yet to read “Blood of Kings”, but the Kinsman Chronicles are amazing!

    Here’s here website.

      1. My 13 year old read The King’s Folly and has told me several very suggestive things that were in it. They bothered his conscience . I have since looked it up on Goodreads and was quite disappointed to find a review stating how much sexual content is in this book. I want to cry!!! As a mom, it’s my job to help my young son guard his heart and mind, not feed it with inappropriate thoughts and images!
        I have hopefully learned my lesson. Just because a book claims to be “Christian”, doesn’t mean it is. I will at least check Goodreads for reviews before getting him into another series.

        1. That is one I haven’t read yet, so I put it on the pile of books I want to read soon! Thanks. And yes, Goodreads is a great place for quick reviews.

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