“I’ll be right back,” I shouted over my shoulder as I ran out of the house to grab something for the car.

I was wrong.

In my hurry, I stepped on a crack and with the grace of a camel played Twister, I landed on the concrete with two twisted ankles.

I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t scoot all that well, I couldn’t even breathe from the pain the first few seconds. But all I could think about were my two young children in the house.

Thankfully, my husband was home watching and in a few minutes, they realized I wasn’t right back and came to check on me. A quick trip to the ER, one awfully ugly boot, and six weeks later, I was back on my foot.

But what if I had been alone with the children?

I didn’t have her trained to call 911. Neither of the girls had any idea of what an ambulance is. We never had discussed what EMTs do or how they help people.

Everything from the stretcher they use to the strange ride in the ambulance to the ER would have been a frightening and confusing experiment.

And I wasn’t even hurt that bad.

That’s why I agreed to help write this book, Bella’s Broken Leg.

My sister, an EMT of many years, wanted a book to read to children that would entertain but also teach them about what to do in an emergency and what happens on an ambulance.

May is the month of National EMT Week including a day especially for children. Because I love EMT and could never do their work, Bella’s Broken Leg is on a 75% discount when you purchase using the SALE button below. (Shipping only in the United States.)

Don’t be a clumsy camel, don’t let your children find you on the concrete with two twisted ankles, and don’t miss this great opportunity to teach them some fun but so important lessons of safety.