In 1890, eighteen-year-old Mattie Ferris travels to a brand new town in Idaho named McCall. On the way, she meets Clara, a young mail-order bride.

Both Mattie and Clara expect to find adventure. But when they arrive in McCall, they find life is completely different than anything they could have imagined.

Clara is madly in love with her groom – Kip Harrison. But when they arrive in McCall, Mattie and Clara find that Kip is not what he appeared to be in the letters.

Warned about slave labor thriving in the gold mining towns, Clara and Mattie face a new danger they never expected.

Can Mattie escape a terrifying future before both of them are lost into a life they could never escape? Was Kip a dashing cowboy or someone sinister? How did this simple lark turn into perilous danger?

Gems of the Mountains