He failed to save his sister.

Now a stable boy must join forces with two other teens and an elusive winged horse to free their world from a deadly plot to poison humanity.

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“Wish I had this book for my kids to read when they were teenagers! In fact I recommended it to them even though they are adults now. Fantastic christian fantasy read that will keep you engaged to the very end. Do not plan on getting anything done for a day or two because you will not be able to put it down!” Elaine Baldwin

For an adventurous trip, journey to the fantasy world of Eltiria! Explore rugged mountains and fight monsters with Kai, help Lizzy rescue her brother from Seekers, or join Taryn as he refuses to eat squirrel! Don’t worry about safety. The Archippi will be there to protect you…if they get there in time.

But I have to warn you. It is advised to journey to Eltiria with great caution. The Department has ordered anyone determined to go to take water, for it has allegedly been reported to kill anyone who drinks it. Furthermore, under no circumstances should you try to purify it. Militant forces are hostile to anyone investigating this issue.

Finally, the FDA has stated that only people with a strong belief system should consider going. The world of Eltiria has forgotten about God and turned their backs on his laws to attempt to seize what they want. 

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS: Motion sickness due to flying on horses, addiction to adventure, tiredness, challenging beliefs, standing up for what is right even if it means death, discovering the difference between magic and faith, and developing a deeper love for God.

“Yes, there was a Jesus figure, but he belonged to the world’s history. I was really impressed with this, since prior to this book, I don’t think I’d ever read a fantasy that had dealt with our Lord’s Sacrifice and had chosen to treat it as history. It didn’t loose any of its power for that, and it still played a huge role in the plot.” Kendra E. Ardnek


Series: Trap: Reluctant Heroes, Book 1
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Publisher: Fiction on Fire
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