Flickering Ember

Flickering Ember

“Ember’s leg is badly hurt, but she won’t stop walking on it. She’s going to be lame forever.”

Geona watched the young golden red filly pace in her stall. Every step the horse took only added to the danger of Ember not being able to run or even walk ever again.

“If she ruins her leg, she will be worthless,” Sayres said. “There would be no reason to keep her around.”

But all they did was talk about ideas to force Ember to stay still. Why couldn’t they see that Geona had the best idea of all?

Would she ever get the men to listen to her? And if she did, would her crazy idea even work?

She had to try. Because if she didn’t, Ember’s future and maybe even her life would be ruined forever.

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Series: Tales of Shalock Stables
Genre: Christian Fantasy
ISBN: 9798444560068
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 4.99
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