Flashes of Ember

Flashes of Ember

Geona screamed when the whip struck the beautiful chestnut filly.

The young horse wasn't wild, just scared!

But when Ember flees into the dangerous mountains, can Geona find the filly and save her from terrors that hunt in the mountains?

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About the Book

“Don’t go near the horses!”

Twelve year old Geona drank in the beautiful sight of the moonlight shining on the horses around the large barn.

Shalock Stables!

Home of the greatest racing horses in all of Eltiria.

And Papa now worked here! They lived just steps away from the biggest barn of the stables. It was perfect!

Only it wasn’t.

She wasn’t allowed to help Papa with the horses. She couldn’t even ride. Tristan, her older brother, wasn’t permitted into the Razors, the massive mountains filled with peril and adventure.

When a beautiful chestnut filly is badly beaten, Geona has to do something. Her parents just say that Adoyni has a plan, but she can’t wait for Him any longer.

Geona risks her life to save the filly, but the dangers are greater than she had imagined. Is the filly lost forever, or can she save them both from disaster?

Good Fantasy for Girls and Boys

From the very first, Flashes of Ember drew me in. The character development is good, the action is good and age-appropriate, and the pacing is perfect for this style of book and for the intended audience (girls aged 9-12). This book is both a fantasy book and a girl’s horse book. Though it’s written with girls in mind and with a female main character, there is enough action and intrigue to attract a male readership, too, in my opinion as a mother of boys. (The main character also has a brother who engages in his own adventures.)

Susan E. Thomas

Fun and Spirited!

I could tell right away that Vicki Lucas knows her horses! The “horse scenes” are beautifully detailed and very interesting. My daughter is definitely enjoying it! And I feel like she will have a better understanding of the horse world.

Jodi Jansen

Great Series

I am always on the search for books that will challenge and captivate the young readers in my life. The Tales of Shalock Stables does just that! Whether you are a horse fan or not, this book is excellent for late elementary youth. Thank you, Vicki, for writing a book that has a solid plot, teaches morals and is a pleasure to read!!

Sherry Sauskojus

I love the Horse Safety Tips at the End!

The Tales of Shalock Stables series contains a section with horse safety tips and another section with questions and answers that relate to the story at the end. I feel that these sections are a very important part of the book because they inform young readers about the appropriate way to handle horses and troublesome situations. Geona doesn’t always think before acting, so I’m really grateful that the author thought to include an informative section at the back of the book.


Great Horse Book for Young Readers!

The Tales of Shalock Stables is about a girl who loves horses, and it is well suited for young readers. Follow Geona as she yearns to get involved with a certain filly who is abused by her trainer! A wonderful read for young horse lovers!

Laurie Penner

Super Horse Book!

Flashes of Ember is the best book ever. It had a mix of old fashion and nowadays. That’s why it’s such a good book!

E Ausch

Adventure and Horses!

I liked the fact that Flashes of Ember was an adventure. I LOVED the cover! And I am looking forward to reading the next in the series! –Kaylyn, Age 10


Great Horse Series!

The horse-sense tips at the end of Flashes of Ember and Ember’s Choice were informative and fun to read, too. I’m looking forward to reading future installations!

Jessiqua Wittman

Amazing Story that is Well Written

The plot is well crafted and moves along with action, suspense, and inner conflict. The descriptions of the place and time are written with skill and perception. Young girls will be able to identify to Geona, the main character, in her love for horses, and her struggles between saving the horse she loves and obeying her father.

Great Story with Horses with Fantasy, Action, and Adventure

Flashes of Ember is predominantly a horse story, but it does include elements of fantasy, action, and adventure. I appreciate that Genoa faces conflicts that children in the 9-12 age category will relate to including following rules, standing up for their belief, and deciding when and how to do the right thing. This is a book that I would gladly share with my 10 year old daughter!


Amazing and Intriguing!

I know that this story was written for children, but as an adult I thoroughly enjoyed it.Geona was a very wise and compassionate 12 year-old. Her love for Ember and her desire to see that Ember was treated right help to make this a story that was unputdownable.

Kindle Customer

Middle School Fantasy Done Well

The characters in Flashes of Ember are well done, complex for mid-school, and realistically presented. The world-building is good. The story is simple but tightly done with twists and tension.

David Bergsland

Horses, Fantasy,and Action for Girls and Boys

I (even as an adult) really enjoyed Flashes of Ember. The main character, Geona, is a female, but I feel that this book would appeal to boys and girls because of the amount of action and adventure.


Great Horse Fantasy

I really enjoyed this fantasy story for young adults. Well written and very engaging. Some exciting scenes surrounding horses. I highly recommend this story.

Robin Bunting

Neat Backstory and Culture

The world it’s built in is deeper than most children’s books and has lots of its own culture to enjoy.

Jessiqua Wittman
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