Ember’s Choice

Ember’s Choice

What if Ember didn't want to stay at Shalock Stables?

"Every ribs showing. Coat dull and brittle. Here I thought she was too wild to train, but now she looks like an old, sick horse."

Geona nodded, unable to speak. Then she cleared her throat. "But she's not sick."

"Then what?"

"I don't know," Geona whispered.

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About the Book

Ember will never be trained. She’s out of control. She has to go!

Geona leaned on Ember’s stall door and studied the golden filly. How could Master Meyrick even consider not racing Ember?

She knew everyone was afraid of how wild Ember was. But right now, Geona was more worried about what Ember wasn’t doing. She wasn’t as aggressive, but she also wasn’t eating. She wouldn’t last much longer if something didn’t change. But what?

Geona sighed. Everything had gone wrong, and everyone was mad at her. Even Tristan! To make up for losing his arrows, she went with him into the Razors find them, but they found something neither of them expected!

She knew Adoyni could help, but did He really care about a girl and a horse? She didn’t know. She watched as Ember got skinnier and skinnier. Was the filly choosing to leave them forever?


Adventure and Horses!

I liked the fact that Flashes of Ember was an adventure. I LOVED the cover! And I am looking forward to reading the next in the series! –Kaylyn, Age 10


Fun and Spirited!

I could tell right away that Vicki Lucas knows her horses! The “horse scenes” are beautifully detailed and very interesting. My daughter is definitely enjoying it! And I feel like she will have a better understanding of the horse world.

Jodi Jansen

I like it and think it is the right size for the age group

I liked it and I think it is the right size for the 9-12 age group.It does good as a series and I am looking forward to the next one. I think it is a little bit short but that is ok in a series.

Notable Praise

Great for horse lovers of any age!

Great series for any age of horse lovers! Just want the next ones to come out since they’re so short! Lol!


Great Series

I am always on the search for books that will challenge and captivate the young readers in my life. The Tales of Shalock Stables does just that! Whether you are a horse fan or not, this book is excellent for late elementary youth. Thank you, Vicki, for writing a book that has a solid plot, teaches morals and is a pleasure to read!!

Sherry Sauskojus

Suspenseful and Educational

Suspense builds as Ember grows both melancholy and restive in her stall, and Geona has trouble training her. What’s wrong? I liked this second book in the series even better than the first one, and there are such interesting facts about horses at the end of the book.

Laurie Penner

Great Horse Book for Young Readers!

The Tales of Shalock Stables is about a girl who loves horses, and it is well suited for young readers. Follow Geona as she yearns to get involved with a certain filly who is abused by her trainer! A wonderful read for young horse lovers!

Laurie Penner

I love the Horse Safety Tips at the End!

The Tales of Shalock Stables series contains a section with horse safety tips and another section with questions and answers that relate to the story at the end. I feel that these sections are a very important part of the book because they inform young readers about the appropriate way to handle horses and troublesome situations. Geona doesn’t always think before acting, so I’m really grateful that the author thought to include an informative section at the back of the book.

Series: Tales of Shalock Stables, Book 2
Genre: Christian Fantasy
Publisher: Fiction on Fire
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