Bella’s Broken Leg (Preschool to Grade 1)

Bella’s Broken Leg (Preschool to Grade 1)

911 receives a call!

A girl has fallen out of a tree and she's badly hurt!

Zoe with her EMT friends race the ambulance to the park.

But this is Zoe's first time to answer the call. Can she remember the first three rules of being an EMT and help the girl?

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About the Book

When Zoe and her family come to live in 911 Headquarters, Zoe did not know the adventures she would find. While her brother and sister explore the police and fire divisions, Zoe can’t get enough of the ambulance and the hardworking Emergency Medical Technicians.

But when it comes time for Zoe to go on her first call with two EMTS, Josh and Nicole, she’s not sure if she remembers the first three rules of being an EMT. Her problems continue when she doesn’t have time to ask what they may need to help the injured girl.

Will Zoe be able to follow the three rules and help the injured girl? Does she have what she needs to be an EMT, or will her dreams of helping people be lost forever?

Great Way to Talk to Kids about Medical Emergencies!

It’s Zoe to the Rescue when Bella falls from a big tree. And in a simple but memorable way, you learn along with both Zoe and Bella the things you should always remember in an emergency. Plus, with bright and cheery pictures, Bella’s Broken Leg normalizes things like having to call 911 when you’re at the park and the fact that pants have to be cut off a broken leg. What a great way to teach your kids about ways to be prepared for and respond to medical emergencies! I’m excited to see more in the Zoe to the Rescue series–and so are my kids!

Gretchen Louise
Series: Zoe to the Rescue, Book 1
Genre: Children's Fiction
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