Vicki V. Lucas has loved stories her entire life. 

Even when she was barely able to walk, she would carefully carry a stack of books she could barely see over to any grownup who sat down.

At age 10, she heard her older brother and mom discuss The Robe by Lloyd C. Douglas. It took her two weeks to finish 157,872 words. It still sits on her bookshelf as one of her all-time favorite books. 

She loved being home schooled since that kept her close to her books. Her college backpack had a rotation of textbooks as she got her B.A. in psychology and her M.A. in Teaching as a Second Language, but her fiction books were always included just in case she had a few minutes to read before class. 

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Vicki V. Lucas is determined to pass down her love of reading to her three girls while she home schools them.

In between literature, science, and the dreaded math classes, she finds a little time to write books that are wholesome that glorify God and exciting enough to hold reluctant readers. 

While a number of books are set in another world with bold actions to save what they hold dear, others are in this world where angels, demons, and vampires fight. Some call these Christian fantasy books or supernatural thrillers.

She calls them some of her greatest adventures.