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Hate grammar? Commas give you headaches?

Maybe you don't hate grammar and punctuation, but you just want your fiction or nonfiction manuscript to have a quick edit before releasing it to the world. I am one of those weird people who love grammar and delight in placing commas correctly. My Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language, as well as 11 years of teaching in universities, give me a unique position to quickly find the errors but also gently lead you to a greater understanding of this amazing (and often horribly confusing) language.
About the Book

An editor must be able to find the errors and suggest changes in a pain-free way (much like I hope my dentist does). During the process, because I adore teaching, I will explain the twists and turns of the English language. Bring me your questions! I love sharing the wonders of grammar and punctuation! (Yes, they do exist.)

Basic Editing –

Spelling and punctuation
Sentence structure
Grammar and proper language usage
Better word choice
Repetition of words/phrases

Cost for Basic Edit is $0.0035 per word.


Advanced Editing –

This includes the Basic Editing Package and takes an additional look at developing ideas and clear communication.

Point of view problems
Plot and character consistency
General comments on plot, theme, and feel of book
Brainstorming or organizing to help the book flow better
Ideas and application
Showing vs. telling

Cost for Advanced Edit is $0.0045 per word.

Let’s Get Started!

Contact me and tell me a bit about your project! Let me know the title of your book, the word count, and a summary of it. Feel free to send a sample. Then we can work out all the details and get your manuscript on its way to publication!

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You should know…

I do not accept excessive foul language, immorality, excessive romance, horror, or erotica.



"Vicki and I were part of the same writer's group for nearly two years, and she has been a very valuable source of feedback and insightful edits. She pays attention to the small, nit-picky details (like using "was" twelve times in a paragraph) and to the overarching, thematic issues, plot-holes, and continuity requirements, as well. She has given me a great deal of help for both my fiction and non-fiction projects, making her one of my top picks of editors."
Vicki Lucas is my editor for the eight novels I have written and published. She is meticulously accurate, graciously honest, and extremely helpful. Her prices are reasonable, and she completes the project on time. I recommend this lady for anyone who wants a thorough and professional edit on their work.
Vicki's work is great. She not only found my errors, she encouraged me to find stronger wording and stronger characters.