I journeyed through Narnia, Middle Earth, and countless other places and times as I grew up.

Now I write because I love how stories swirl around us as they connect to our past and guide us to the future. I write so that you may meet God and know Him better in this world. I write to share these stories to you so that you may know the thrill of riding through the air, tremble as you face down the evil enemy, and wander the distant mountains of another world. I write to show you that the world is like fire, beautiful but deadly, but we can walk through it with God’s help without being consumed in the smoke and heat. And while we are in the flames that seek to kill our hope and take our life, we trust in God’s grace and guidance. Can you take the heat?

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Because fiction should be hot.

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Can you take the heat?

"Where many fantasy novels rely on magic to save the save the world, Toxic does the exact opposite. A fast paced read with well thought out characters and back history. It kept me up till 2 a.m. reading!"

-Coriander Vaine in a Review on Amazon

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